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The traffic school help desk is a service that provides help to people who are interested in getting their driving license back or attending traffic school to remove points on your driving record. The service is available for both in-person and online traffic schools, and it offers a variety of ways to get assistance from experts.

The main goal of the traffic school help desk is to provide the best possible customer service experience. It does this by offering customers a variety of options to get in touch with experts, such as phone, fax, email or online chat.

In most states, taking an online traffic school course approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles will clear a ticket quickly and help you to build your driving record, making using traffic school to clear tickets well worth the effort. Insurance companies in most states give drivers a up to 10% discount if they take a DMV-approved traffic school course, and you can fulfill this requirement with an online course.   

Some states may even require that you attend a traffic school class, depending on how many tickets you have had and the severity of the violations. Some states also permit qualifying drivers to take a traffic or defensive driving class to clear points at any time, or receive points forgiveness. 

In most states, you will only be limited to taking traffic school, a defensive driving, drivers education, or a points-reduction course for 12 months, 18 months, or 24 months. 

In some states, drivers may be allowed to attend a traffic school after being ticketed (usually, a driver must plead guilty to a violation) and completing the program removes the ticket from a drivers record.   

traffic school help desk, traffic school

If you get a ticket for a non-criminal moving violation, you may choose to attend the 4-hour basic Drivers Education Course to clear your ticket and avoid the points penalty on your driving record. 

When you successfully complete the Basic Driver Improvement in Florida course and obtain a certificate, you should file it in the proper courthouse where your traffic ticket was issued. 

When you get a ticket in Florida, you have 30 days to pay your ticket to the clerk of the court in the county in which you received the ticket.

If your ticket is dismissed, there are no points added to your record, and the payment for your traffic ticket is returned. You will still need to pay your ticket, and the traffic ticket remains on your driving record. 

In some states, the driver may be required to pay a ticket penalty if they are found guilty of a violation, but they avoid accumulating a driving record point, which normally results from convictions.    

In other states, a driver generally may be able to avoid fines, demerit points, and insurance rate increases associated with conviction. 

Traffic tickets may result in demerit points, increased insurance costs, and more severe penalties, like a suspended license, as tickets accumulate. Many times, people wish a traffic ticket would just go away, but once you sign a ticket and pay, there is not much you can do.   

If the ticket is for two points, is a felony, involves alcohol, or was committed in a commercial vehicle during employment, the charges on the ticket are not likely negotiable with attendance at a traffic school; check with your judge to find out. 

If a motorist does not follow the courts orders to attend state-operated traffic school, the drivers driving privileges are suspended.

You can opt to attend a traffic violators school for a single motor vehicle code violation, which is assessed at a single point. If your ticket is written with a non-California license indicated, and you have a valid California license, you should set up a date to appear in court to have the judge modify your ticket to make you eligible for Traffic School.    

The infraction(s) in your ticket must be a qualifying Motor Vehicle Code infraction. Your citation/ticket should NOT be for a violation of Vehicle Code Section 22406.5 (tank cars).    

Failure to Appear If you do not show up as promised when you signed the traffic ticket, under Penal Code Section 1214.1, you can have a civil penalty up to $300 added to your ticket, unless you show up to court and show probable cause for not showing up or paying your fine. 

If you do not take care of the traffic citation promptly, a civil assessment of $300.00 will be added to any bond amount that is currently owed, and you may have a suspended drivers license.  

After successfully completing the Arizona-certified Defensive Driving Program, the Court is required to send a Record of Judgment to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, however, there is no points assessed against a drivers record. 

If you complete an online defensive driving course in another state or country other than the state or country where you received the ticket, Illinois courts may deny the certificate, and you may not be awarded any points for the course. Even if you already completed 4 hours of traffic school within the last year, some courts in Florida permit drivers to complete the 8-hour IDI course following a recent traffic ticket in order to have points removed from their records.   

Some states, like New Jersey and Idaho, have no program for removing or delaying tickets, but they allow traffic school to be taken to lower the number of points on a drivers license. 

The State of California allows drivers who received one point against their drivers license for a moving violation that was deemed an eligible moving violation, to have the charge of that ticket removed from the ticket, and have those points removed from their records, after completing successful traffic school.

As of January 1, 2013, for drivers who hold California business drivers licenses who are ticketed for operating non-commercial vehicles, if you have completed the Traffic Violation School Program, a single citation within a period of any 18 months will be shown on your driving record with no points on your driving record. 

Once you have received a speeding ticket, you are required to complete the Speeding After a Speeding ticket class within ninety days after your violation.    

You may have to take the VA Drivers Online Course to fulfill your out-of-state speeding ticket requirement for VA. Even more helpful, attending VA traffic school may ease the financial burden of paying your ticket, keeping your insurance premiums lower, and giving you good driving points. 

I will say this, a traffic school really gives you a direct end to the issue of an outstanding traffic ticket, and you get to fully establish your out-of-pocket costs, so I can understand why it might be appealing to some. In that scenario, you would not still be able to go to traffic school on speeding tickets, because the violation was more than 25 miles per hour above the posted speed limit.